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Penny Shawback / penny@shawbackdesign.com

“In the homes we create we see lives happily manifest and grow.” 

Penny Shawback has spent her whole life working in the design profession. From an early attunement to every single space she encountered through decades of developing a deep and intimate knowledge of the practice of interior design through studying architecture, art, and the relationship between how spaces look and how they energetically feel, she has developed a singular passion and enthusiasm for this work - one that she knows is deeply shared by her enthusiastic and committed Shawback Design team. 

Penny believes that the best projects are those that fully integrate across architecture, landscape, and lifestyle. For over three decades, she has felt honored and inspired to work with an amazing and select group of clients, establishing life-long relationships and growing with each family. For Penny, her work has brought her boundless gratitude and joy, particularly from getting to work with talented architects, builders, artisans, and all the clients who have changed her life as a result of their work together. 

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Damon Savoia / damon@shawbackdesign.com

“I can close my eyes and visualize a project and can see how every element is going to come together.” 

Damon is a producer, and essential operating officer. His fifteen years of experience with interior design, architecturally significant construction projects, and real estate transactions, come together in his role: part design visionary, and part land whisperer. He is as comfortable bringing complex teams together for large & small scale projects. Damon is as skilled a communicator with the most precise of clients as he is with contractors and sub-contractors and all teams on a project.  He is dedicated to seeing a particular detail or texture through from imagination to completed installation.

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Julie Savoia / julie@shawbackdesign.com

“I get to tell the story of peoples’ lives.”

Julie’s skill set as design principle, vender liaison and project manager helps create content and propel projects forward. Julie is the behind-the-scenes magician, the person who takes a narrative approach and turns it into material color language for fabrics, furniture, and rugs. Julie has learned how to translate the spirit of a family into space, a desire into design. She loves working directly with local vendors, craftspeople, and artists to bring a human touch to interior design.

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Mishleen Abuizam / mishleen@shawbackdesign.com

“I’m always solving problems.”

Mishleen is Shawback’s computer whiz, doing everything from constructing intricate three-dimensional models for use by permitting departments and contractors to checking custom-made furniture specifications and making sure that triple-section lounger will fit. She holds degrees in digital design and graphics technology, and worked for an engineering firm for twelve years before joining Shawback last year. Mishleen’s earliest exposure to architecture and design was watching her architect and interior designer uncle construct three-dimensional models; he’d produce designs and she would watch him. Decades later, life brought her from Jordan to the Napa Valley, where she loves the puzzle-like problem-solving elements of her work.