Dear Neighbors,                                                                                                         

Shawback Design is humbled by the love, generosity, and strength of the people of Napa and Sonoma County. Our heart goes out to our special community and all the people affected by the fires.  We live on Atlas Peak Rd. and are experiencing design and build challenges like many of our friends and neighbors.  Your experience and the outcome can be greatly improved through thoughtful design and a great team.  Our local business is in a unique position to participate in a positive way as a support team to help you make an informed decision about the best way to move forward.

We have thoughtfully put together a menu of services offered at a discount to individuals and families affected by the fire. 

1)      Initial Introduction: Say hello and meet our team. We will listen to your needs and better describe some of the things we can do that will be valuable to your efforts. No charge.

2)      Balancing Workshop:  This includes a visit to your property and a consultation at our studio lead by our design team.  You will be delivered a report, a guide for your project that will allow builder and architect teams to be able to align their goals with your vision. We have long standing professional relationships with some of the best architects and builders in the Bay Area and are ready to make the best recommendations that may fit your style and budget. $2,500

3)      Comprehensive Interior Design Services: Our firm provides the highest level of interior design services.  This includes an intimate collaboration with you, your architect, and your builder to select materials, develop a color palette, space planning and furnishing, resulting in a turnkey delivery of your home.  Scope and prices vary, please inquire.

4)      Furniture Package:  Furnishing a home can be the most effective way to recreate what you had or give yourself something new.  We create spaces that truly reflect the personal taste of our clients and help them define and enhance their ideas.  We provide design, personal shopping, ordering services, tracking, quality control, storage, final delivery, and installation.  Let our team give you an enjoyable experience and handle all the behind the scenes work to deliver a comprehensive and thoughtful design. Scope can vary, please inquire.

We believe that good design is important, it should be personal, and that each piece of land deserves a new life. We look forward to sitting down with you to explore options, and to help you navigate through this challenging time.


Email us info@shawbackdesign.com
Or call us 707-226-2776